About Us

Mudra ( मुद्रा ) pronounced as [muh-druh], is a Sanskrit word that describes symbolic hand gestures used in rituals. These gestures are an integral part of our identity, connecting us to ancient nature-based customs and herbal troves.

In our logo, the Padma (Lotus) Mudra is featured, symbolizing light, purity, and sensory awakening. Similar to how a lotus adds beauty and light to the water, we bring to you our fresh and thoughtful take on Ayurveda​.

Born in Dubai, the heart of the United Arab Emirates, yet crafted for a global audience, we proudly present our labour of love - Mudra. Our goal is to blend the 5000-year-old ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the rhythm of today's modern, dynamic, and fast-paced lifestyle, creating a harmonious fusion between the past and the present.

For the first time in the region, we're excited to introduce renowned international Ayurvedic brands that share our vision of promoting natural living. Our carefully curated products are natural, clean, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and infused with the essence of potent Ayurvedic herbs.

Every product we offer has a unique story and is here to support your overall well-being—mentally, physically, and spiritually. In the world of Ayurveda, everyone is beautifully distinct, and we aim to help you celebrate your individuality through wellness rituals and products tailored to your unique composition. Our team includes a qualified Ayurvedic doctor and an in-house practitioner to guide you on this journey.

What sets us apart?

In a sea of 'Natural' and 'Chemical-Free', WE OFFER MORE!

We want you to experience nature’s bounty of herbs in various forms – From Products to Rituals – Guided by a Deep Understanding of Your Unique Self.

Our Difference

A comprehensive wellness approach While yoga shines brightly, its sister science Ayurveda remains in the shadows. Did you know that embracing both yoga and an Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle, offers a complete path to wellness? Our goal is to highlight Ayurvedic living, a holistic approach to well-being that combines rituals, herbs, yoga, and meditation for a balanced mind, body, and soul - all in line with our brand's essence.

Award-winning and established Ayurvedic brands Mudra connects wellness seekers to globally recognized Ayurvedic brands, thoughtfully curated by our founders. Our collection not only offers clean and cruelty-free choices but also embraces a holistic wellness approach that focuses on both inner and outer well-being.

Unique combination of powerful actives & proven herbs With sustainability at the core, we offer products that harmonize proven actives with therapeutic Ayurvedic herbs, addressing skin concerns through the synergy of modern scientific advancements and timeless wisdom.

Empowering conscious choices We're dedicated to guiding you on a journey of self-awareness by helping you understand your innate prakriti (body constitution), recognizing dosha imbalances, and aligning it with nature through conscious product choices tailored to your uniqueness.

Say YES to mindful choices,
NO to societal pressures and commercial trends!