Our Story

We’re a female led business started by sisters who share a love for nature, great quality and easy to do self-care rituals. The idea behind Mudra started with us coming together to find the answer to a simple question – In the fast-paced and modern society we live in, how can individuals actively cultivate mindfulness and embrace a well-rounded way of life?

Whether it’s glowing skin, lustrous hair or an overall healthy you, we know everyone is constantly looking for an answer closer to nature, including us!

We wanted to create a lifestyle brand with effective, authentic and buildable products – those that can fit into the current phase of one’s life rather than altering the ongoing lifestyle.

And hence, the birth of Mudra, inspired by our upbringing in the Himalayas, where we first hand experienced simple living in harmony with nature and the magic and power of natural herbs and plants. What we had not realised was what started in our family kitchen as home-made masks and oils was actually backed by the time tested 5000 years old science of Ayurveda!

For sisters Pritha and Pragya, the founders of Mudra, it’s a brand which truly takes them back to their roots. Known as a herbal wizard, their father, an enthusiast about ancient Ayurvedic principles, helped and guided them to begin this wellness journey.

Meet Our Founders


Raised in a family rooted in Ayurveda, its wisdom was a constant presence but I never fully explored its potential as self-care always took a backseat in the hustle of life. It was the sudden shift caused during COVID lockdown that compelled me to reevaluate my priorities, when health became paramount and it was time to explore the most accessible science that had always been there. The journey began with the simplest of elements – kitchen herbs, authentic products, mindful AM/PM rituals and yoga, nourishing my body and comforting my restless mind.

Driven by curiosity and my love for reading, I delved into books and courses, immersing myself in this ancient science and discovered a lack of authentic, premium herbal products in the region. After personally experiencing Ayurveda's profound effects, I was compelled to share the true benefits of Ayurvedic products and holistic living.

Subsequently, I chose to bid farewell to my decade-long corporate love affair with tourism and aviation, powered by an urge to contribute meaningfully and seek purpose beyond success. This journey led to the creation of Mudra, a platform to make Ayurveda's timeless wisdom accessible to all, promoting wellness in its most natural and purest forms. Alongside my sister, who shares this passion, we strive to share the magic of Ayurveda with the world.


Finding solace in the mountains, animals, and the wonders of nature has always been my favorite 'me- time'. With a background woven through the corridors of a Fortune 500 company and advertising firms, my passion for creativity has been my guiding light. The moment I finished my studies, a steadfast desire took root in me – the dream of steering my own business when the time was right.

As I embarked on the journey to find my place in the world of entrepreneurship, my inspiration flowed from treasured childhood memories spent at our family's snow-capped farm in the Himalayas. Those moments, shaped by my father's and grandmother's guidance, nurtured a deep respect for everything natural. This foundation became the pathway that led me into the realm of Ayurveda.

Alongside my sister, we embarked on a shared mission – to acquaint the Middle East market with the timeless wonders of Ayurveda, a science that dates back 5000 years. The world's return to wellness trends rooted in Ayurveda – like hair oiling, the tranquility of yoga, comforting turmeric lattes, the rhythm of intermittent fasting, and the ancient practice of oil pulling - testifies to its enduring wisdom. This brand isn't just a business endeavor; it's a reflection of my journey, my passions, and the deep affection I hold for the natural world around us.

We toyed with the idea of working together for years, and finally -after hours of research, a couple of hundred conversations and copious amounts of coffee later-

We invite you to discover the world of Mudra - a world we hope you’ll enjoy exploring and being a part of!