You are Kapha Dominant

Unlocking Balance: A Quick Guide to Harmonizing Your Kapha with Effective Practices and Products

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As an individual with a predominance of Kapha in your constitution, you embody the qualities of water & earth in your physical, emotional and mental aspects. The Kapha physical body type is characterized by a larger and denser build, exhibiting firmness, compactness, and stability. As a Kapha dominant individual, you may experience a slower metabolism and find it easier to gain weight.

Kapha skin type is soft, delicate, oily, and cool to touch, granting you a naturally radiant and clear complexion. Abundant, rich, thick, and dense hair texture complements your overall appearance.

Your Kapha intellect is grounded and earthy, making you a deep thinker who approaches decisions thoughtfully and with precision. As a Kapha mind, you maintain a calm and collected demeanor, rarely succumbing to anger or frustration. Kapha individuals excel at concealing their feelings and possess great tolerance to both physical and mental pain. Reading and understanding come naturally to you, and you are blessed with a sharp memory.

If you are a Kapha-dominant person and want to keep your Kapha in balance,
we suggest below daily regimen (dinacharya)

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  • Include a variety of spices in your diet, such as ginger, pepper, star anise, bay leaves, cumin seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. Your diet should include steamed vegetables, horse gram, red lentils, and pigeon peas in regular cooking. Bitter and astringent foods like bitter gourd, ridge gourd, ivy gourd, spinach, and kale can also be incorporated.

  • A Kapha person usually has a sweet tooth and is inclined towards sweets, but eating it in moderation is very important.

  • Honey is the best food for a Kapha person. It helps them maintain good respiratory and immune health.

  • Practice fasting at least once or twice a month.

  • Warm water consumption early in the morning should be practiced. Taking small sips in between meals is recommended.

  • Always eat food as per appetite and consider enjoying sweet dishes at the beginning of your meal.

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Lifestyle Rituals
Lifestyle Rituals
  • Swedanam - Regular steaming therapies work best for a Kapha person since it helps improve metabolic health and provide protection against colds, coughs, sputum, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Hot to warm water is more suitable for a Kapha person than cold baths.

  • Abhyangam (self-massage) - Regular massage using warm medicated oils with a base of black sesame works best for a Kapha person. This therapy can be done 30 mins before a bath daily.

  • Udvartanam - Using herbal medicated powders for dry massage can help a Kapha-dominant person enhance skin complexion and improve lymphatic drainage. This works best when done after Abhyangam.

  • Dry brushing - This is another variation of Udvartanam that also helps with lymphatic drainage but it's mess-free unlike the powder application.

  • Jivha nirlekhanam (tongue scrapping) - Regular tongue cleaning helps in removal of dead cells, food particles that usually form a whitish layer on the tongue. This daily practice enhances taste buds and promotes better digestion.

  • Nasyam - Administering medicated oils into the nostrils via Nasyam, an Ayurvedic practice, benefits sensory organs, enhancing visual acuity, focus, hair vitality, and respiratory well-being. Perform Nasyam after morning brushing or an hour after meals.

  • Practice short walks throughout the day and avoid sitting for longer hours as lack of physical activities can lead to joint stiffness and associated pain later for a Kapha-dominant person.

  • Lifestyle practices such as walks, exercise, moderately spicy foods, fasting, etc., are highly recommended for a Kapha-dominant person.

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